Stacksite :
PLEASE NOTE: This was a software project I did over 10 years ago to help make it less challenging to build assessable websites. Currently, it's too out dated for todays uses, but I plan to redesign and update it for todays modern needs. Presently, it's out dated code of it is on github that contains over 800 files of my work.
GitHub repository:

Accessibility technologies for using personal computers and devices has improved greatly. Programs like Apple's VoiceOver or Jaws screen reader, R just amazing technologies. Unfortunately, they don't always work well on websites because designing and building a web site for accessibility can be challenging, and is often left out of its design for that reason.  What is needed is to make it less challenging to build accessible website.
Stacksite is a website authoring tools and technologies which can build graphically accessible websites and apps to improve usability access for those with or without impairments. It basically allows web designers to create graphical website so people with or without any impairments can both access and enjoy your webapp or website. The program was built from the ground up with a focus to make building accessible website less challenging and fun. There R many tools and features you will not find in any other program. Many of these tools and features reduce website development cost, and improves the experience of building a website for both novice and professional web developers. The tools were designed to provides a simple and powerful way to create scalable website graphics, navigation and content which can also be read by screen readers and accessed with special input devices. These abilities are meant to improve the access and usability for people with various vision and/or physical impairments, but also provides a better graphical website experience for those without impairments too. These tools also include and use technologies to increase a website's loading speed, and lowing its bandwidth needs. This allows a website's server and the user's browser to use less energy and carbon footprint. The program also breaks through many of the design problems with building and maintaining a modern graphically rich accessible website.(GRAW) Effectively dealing with different browser incompatibilities and designs with standards built into it's web authoring tools and its technologies. The tools include Site and Page Management, Page Layouts, Sections, Rows, Columns, Menus, Menubars, Pulldown menus, Breadcrumbs, Content areas, global Snippets, Picture Viewers, Page artwork, Menu artwork, Forms, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Furthermore, which all can be edited and styled in real time without writing code. I hope to have it available in the future. Pricing will be FREE to those that Qualify.