Bike Services

About Our Services

It's a side thing we do once a Month from Robert's place to help support our local biking Community and good causes.

By Appointment Only

All services is by appointment only and must be made in advance. To make an appointment please call or email Us.

Neighborhood Service Only

We only provide Service to our local South Orange & Maplewood(SoMo) Neighborhood once a Month.

Bikes We Do Not Service

Sorry, we do not service bikes from big box stores(walmart, target & etc), nor cheap based bikes purchased online from Amazon, eBay & etc.

Accepted Payment

Bitcoin, Jsecoin and Cash.


*NOTE: Prices represent labor costs only and do not include cost of parts, and may vary by type of bike and condition of repair.


Training Wheel Removal $20

Bike Fitting

Basic Bike Adjustment Fit $50

Bike Wash

Basic Bike Wash $30
Bike Wash/Degrease $50


Braking System Adjustment $25


Shifting System Adjustment $25


Bronze Tune-Juvenile $49
Silver Tune $99
Gold Tune $149
Platinum Tune $169
Overhaul Tune $250


Wheel System Adjustment $20
True Wheel Laterally $20
True Wheel Lat & Radially $40


NOTE: All tune-ups reflect labor only. Parts and additional services is extra unless noted.
The ride quality and the lifespan of your bike can be significantly affected by out of adjustment and worn parts. Ideally, having your bike tuned-up regularly is a good idea. After you make an appointment and drop off your bike, I will go over and discuss the appropriate tune-up options with you.

•Bronze Tune

Our Bronze tune-up is ideal for a newer bike with light wear. It prepares your bike for safe operation and includes the adjustments of all basic systems is functional. It includes:

Juvenile:$49 Single-Speed:$69 Multi-Speed:$79 Full-Suspension:$89 Tamdam:$99

*Dirty bikes will incur a washing fee
Brakes and gear cables tensioned.
Drivetrain Lubed.
General safety checkover.
Hanger aligned.
Limits adjusted.
Safety Check of connecting bolts.
Tires checked and correctly inflated.
Wheels true -minor(in bike).

•Silver Tune

Our silver tune-up is for the casual cyclist to prepare your bike for another year of casual use. With this service, we will adjust and make sure all the major systems is clean, safe and functional. It includes everything from the bronze tune, plus:

Juvenile:$99 Single-Speed:$109 Multi-Speed:$119 Full-Suspension:$139 Tamdam:$159
Full bike Wash/Degrease.
Cables lubricated.
Drivetrain Cleaned.
gears and brakes adjusted.
Headset adjusted.
Hubs adjusted.
wheels true and tension.

•Gold Tune

Juvenile:$169 Single-Speed:$179 Multi-Speed:$189 Full-Suspension:$209 Tamdam:$249

Our Gold tune-up is for the frequent cyclist to prepare your bike for another year of frequent use. It includes everything from the silver tune-up, plus:

Headset cleaned and regreased.
Bottom bracket cleaned and regreased.

•Platinum Tune

Juvenile:$209 Single-Speed:$219 Multi-Speed:$229 Full-Suspension:$249 Tamdam:$279

Our platinum tune-up is for daily cyclist to prepare your bike for another year of daily use. It includes everything from the gold tune-up, plus:

Full hub clean and service.

•Overhaul Tune

Juvenile:$250 Single-Speed:$275 Multi-Speed:$300 Full-Suspension:$350 Tamdam:$450

Our overhaul tune-up is for bike in need of a more thorough major servicing. This service includes a complete disassembly, cleaning, and rebuild of all systems on the bicycle. It includes everything from the platinum tune-up, plus:

all components cleaned & lubricated.
Braking surfaces will be clean and refinished.
Grease & Repacking of all major bearing systems.
cables & housing replaced with bulk cables & housing.
Includes labor to replace any additional parts(excluding spokes & wheels.