A Brighter Future is Coming..

Coming soon a new website that will serve as a platform for initiatives to honor the wishes and accomplishments of my late Mom, Nan, and many others whose past efforts, whether through helping, supporting, or advocating, directly or indirectly contributed to making the world a better place, particularly in health, saving lives and other areas. Also, to keep my promise to them. To achieve this, I have embarked on various initiatives focused on exploring and developing effective ways to:

  1. Curate the availability and possibilities of innovative new health treatments and cures.
  2. Enhance access to technology for everyone.
  3. Combat harmful health insurance discrimination.
  4. Provide solutions and products to help lower global pollution.

Let's build a better world, together!

But first, I need your help.

Harmful health insurance discrimination has thrown a wrench in my plans, and I need help to pay for urgently needed medical and dental care.

Here's how you can make a difference:

I'll have details up soon, on how.


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